AR and Digital Marketing: A way to improve customers commitment

24 October 2019

Most companies feel escaped by the new marketing tools used by big firms. Maybe you think that virtual devices can’t fit your business, but you might change your mind. Amaze your customers with new experiences, bring life to your products, improve your brand awareness : create strong relationships with AR. Event filters, 3D presentations, AR applications, augmented advertising… there are many ways for AR to connect with your target.

Statista’s experts expect AR market to skyrocket, from $3.5 billions today to $198 billions by 2025. Alongside, marketing experts are among the firsts to adopt this technology due to its immersive capacity, numerous possibilities to improve customer experience and reach the “wow” effect. On a very competitive market where each brand spends a lot to get noticed by customers, such a technology can make a difference and perfectly match with other advertising tools, as we can see with the Coca-Cola drinkable ad. The optimal goal of each brand is to be part of their customers’ lives, to capture lifetime value, create a relationship with them. Creative AR tools are the kind of tools that stay in minds and help achieving this goal. 

Why AR and not VR?

Most of AR technologies have the advantage to be affordable and accessible to almost everybody thanks to smartphone apps or QR codes for example, while Virtual Reality needs expensive headsets to work. Moreover, as 76% of advanced economies inhabitants own a smartphone according to the Pew Research Center, that means there are that many potential AR users.

Improve your product with AR devices

AR technology can improve several products, as it has already shown to reach a large audience in smartphone games like Pokemon Go. But AR is also progressing in other domains. Also, applications like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have already been using AR for years with the filter trend that refreshed the selfie wave and made people enjoy so much taking pictures through these apps. Education applications are developing towards AR for higher interaction. We can see it on the app Geogebra. AR is already adapted to improve written publishing with 3D devices to get pop-up books or articles. Smartphones, tablets and computers are not the only devices that can use AR, in medicine, for instance, specialized devices are using AR.

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For almost any other business, AR can be a marketing tool. For instance, in online retailing, the benefit is obvious, customers can see themselves wearing products such as L’Oreal makeup application or try new glasses with Topology… and even find the perfect sofa for their living room with the Ikea Place application. Online try-on lowers the uncertainty risk which prevents customers from buying or being totally satisfied with their order. And it is a way to lower the returns. It may be seen as big firms gadgets but having 3D presentations of your product – no matter whether you sale bikes or build houses – is no longer restricted to big firms since AR modelizing companies like Modelizor offer such services to any company. It is an original way to launch a new product on the market and make everyone hear about it.

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AR In Stores

But AR can also be about improving your user’s journey in real stores, as every poster, picture, card or bill can be an AR Marker, just like the Pizza Hut menu. Clothes stores Neiman Marcus even invest in Smart AR mirrors such as MemoMi’s Memory Mirror – which remembers who you are each time you come, adding you to the brand’s members – or Oaks Labs’ interactive Oaks Mirror. Airwalk also created totally invisible pop-up store, only accessible in the right area with the application. Many people talked about it, creating free advertising for the brand.

AR advertising grabs attention

It has become difficult and expensive for an ad to be noticed by its target, due to competition and a general critical mindset and tiredness against intrusive and aggressive advertising. AR advertising can be a solution, turning ads into a funny experience that brings value and – at best – delights to the customer. Coca-Cola “Drinkable” advertising campaign was that kind of ad, where the customer could fill a virtual Coke glass while seeing or hearing a Coca-Cola’s advertising and exchange it against a sample of Coke Zero. It is the opportunity, for you, to stand out from the communications crowd with an innovative communications campaign

Other way of promoting a product or an event : the selfie filter. Creative filters can surround your customers’ head when they take a selfie around the store during the event. Launch of a new product, shop’s anniversary, momentary exhibition, christmas spirit… AR filters can be customized for any event and any business, just as our Popul-AR filter for the DJ Lost Frequencies at 2019 Tomorrowland festival.

The main benefit of selfie filters is they are part of your customers lives and memories. They are a good way to fuel the relationship with customers and add value to interactions. Moreover, some filters may go viral on the web.

AR support 

The journey of your customer does not stop when the sale is closed, it continues way beyond, during the whole lifetime of the product, the post-sale support and the purchase of other products, hopefully to a lifelong relationship. AR devices can also help for this part of the process, besides providing AR content on social media to keep in touch with your customers. AR technologies can help your customer to handle, install, build, understand, fix your product with AR guides, instructions or manuals like this Ikea AR construction guide.

AR will probably become mainstream in the upcoming years, it is now time to invest in it. If AR technologies will keep on being developed, the amazement effect dedicated to the newest products might fade away after some time as it will be widely used. The best period for a highest ROI might be nowadays. Indeed, the selfie trend is still as it best, users are still amazed by the wow effect of AR etc. The link between your customers and your company can only be reinforced thanks to this, as you would show them they count for you. By trying to always create innovative content for them, you show that you try to always please and surprise them all the time. This is a way to show off as an innovative and modern company.

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