Why should we use AR in our everyday life?

13 November 2019

From social media filters, to surgical procedures, AR is quickly growing in popularity because it mixes the virtual world and our real world. It is thus enhancing the everything we see, hear, and feel. May we like it or not, we’ve all seen it get in our lives. Indeed, our smartphones are never far from us and it is one of the main means of access to AR. All of the Snapchat or Instagram filters, as well as the apps that are launched quite regularly are giving rhythm to our daily life…We also see more and more gadgets as AR glasses being created…but is it really useful, or just one more big companies trick to approach us? In fact, there are loads of situations in which AR can be handy and making our lives more comfy for us….

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The most popular advances on AR are video games with the famous launch of Pokemon Go 3 years ago. But it is not the only field in which AR is helping us in our everyday life. One of the most important and promising advances on AR is for medicine. From now on, it is possible for surgeons to operate patients with AR glasses, the Microsoft Hololens glasses, which are adding safety for the patient because it reduces the error margin as it’s guiding the surgeon during delicate surgeries. Education is also a very important sector in which AR is progressing. Even though it’s only the beginning of the process, it has an encouraging future. Indeed, we can see it with the actual AR functions on Geogebra app helping little and bigger ones understanding maths better.

We’ve also seen progresses on location and transports. Indeed, may it be on the Google Maps app or to locate Paris metro stations, AR is definitely starting to help people not to get lost anymore, creating ways for people to be able to see their way onto the street itself! There is no way we could get lost anymore! About transports, cars and motos are starting to be well equipped with high head display devices, to make the drive safer, easier, and more comfortable and enjoyable.

There are loads of advances in AR for sports. Indeed, may it be to help athletes knowing in real time about their performances or creating a funnier way to practice some sports, it is one of the main AR advanced field.

We’ve seen a new shopping way appearing, on the Ikea Place App, you can virtually place products in your room. You can also try on clothes thanks to augmented reality in shops as well as try some face products through filters on social medias.

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New technologies are created over centuries to make human being easier and more comfy. That’s what happened when computers were created, as smartphones but even before with cars, planes…Today, we can notice AR getting into our lives in many fields as medicine, education, shopping…As all of the previous innovations, it is meant to make our lives way easier, may it be on our way to move, to learn, to shop…

What can we expect for the future?

As you can imagine, AR is not on its growth peak. Indeed, it’s expected to evolve and to be helping us in many ways, as well in smart houses as transports, and shopping on the idea of Ikea and education on the idea of Geogebra etc.

Even though the technology is not up and running in every situations yet, it is growing fast. This is usual, indeed, we’re attending the beginning of AR development, and as every innovations, there are fixes needed on the beginning.

But, as for any technologies, we have to be careful not overusing it. Indeed, there are some health risks. People may stop moving, and become more and more lazy, as everything could be done from home. And for long term, this is a huge risk for people’s will to practice sport, to go out to shop, see things etc. Moreover, we are already hearing about the risk and the actual addiction to technologies for more and more people leaving in developed but also emerging countries.

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