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Face Tattoo

Pimp your face with our Face Tattoo filter! Let cute black and white drawings appear on your face depending on how you move your head. An artistic way to take minimalist and trendy selfies on Instagram. 

Lost Frequencies

Fan Hands

We have collaborated with Lost Frequencies to create this filter for the release of his new album « ALIVE AND FEELING FINE ». The purpose of this filter was to immerse DJ fans in the album cover through an augmented reality experience. By activating the filter, fans were surrounded by hands raised and could listen to the new track « Alive and Feeling Fine ». The aim was to increase the DJ’s community engagement and to lead people to listen to the album.


Here is the experience we have produced for Lanéva that allowed attendants of the Monaco Yacht Show to showcase their boat in a fun and innovative way but also for the most passionate to analyse any detail! Pretty cool huh? This innovative and fun way to showcase their product gave Laneva the opportunity to increase brand awareness!


A public filter to encourage the women that have been showing the way for a few years now and had the strength to say NO to the established system. We tried to make it esthetic in order to raise the virality. Available on our CEO’s Instagram profile @stephanie.tuccitto. Our perfect inhouse example on how a woman can be the boss.


Let’s celebrate Halloween! Get ready for the 31st of October with this awesome pumpkin face filter! Open your mouth to through out as many candies as you want. We designed this fun filter to help you having fun while scaring your friends and bring a new filter to the Instagram community.

Fiery Eyes

We created this filter to inflame the Instagram community! Use « Fiery eyes » to let the spark in your eye come out and shine! Raise your eyebrows to burn even more…

Pray for Amazonia

This public filter is putting the user in the context of the magnificent Amazonian Forest for the simple reason that we wanted to remind people how beautiful it is and how cool it is to be surrounded by Nature. It’s publicly available on Popul-AR Experience as a hope that people will still be confronted to it later when we sadly feel that some people tend to forget what’s happening in Amazonia on a daily basis.  #prayforamazonia

Fuck You

Use our « Fuck you » (but not too much) filter to tell people how less you care. A cute and sexy way to express what you think without saying a word… Use it, share it and then enjoy your peace!

Cœur cœur cœur

They say that love is seen through the eyes, so we wanted to help those for whom it is more difficult to express it. Try this love filter right now to declare your love to your friends, your better half, your family, your favorite brand, your pet… or whatever you want! This filter was created by us to give the opportunity to the Instagram community to share love.


Culinaria celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018 ! 🎉🍾🎂 What better way to raise their brand awareness by promoting this particular event ? As part of its social media strategy, Culinaria has called on Popul-AR to design the perfect augmented reality filter, celebrate this special occasion as it should be and discreetly remind to people through their friends’ stories that the event is ongoing so they need to hurry up to buy a place.


We collaborated with Lost Frequencies to create this filter for the release of his new album « ALIVE AND FEELING FINE ». The purpose of this filter was to provide a miniature gif version of the DJ to allow fans to interact with him in their daily lives. A fun way to listen to a song from the album with Lost Frequencies in your living room! The aim was to increase the DJ’s community engagement and to lead people to listen to the album.

Céline Frémault

Connect U

For the Uccle municipal elections, the Belgian politician Céline Frémault and her movement Connect U enjoyed a fun and light 3D filter with animations to launch their communication campaign. This filter has allowed them to spread among citizens the name of the new movement Connect U, which is part of the cdH political party, to get some virality through stories on Facebook, and above all to engage young citizens around this movement.

House Marker

We created this filter to show people one of the incredible uses of Augmented Reality. You can now bring the blueprint of your future house to life and see what it will look like in reality. All you have to do is film the blueprint with your smartphone to trigger the animation. Wow effect guaranteed!


The french restaurant chain O’Tacos, asked for a drive-to-store effect with high virality potential for the opening of their brand new shop Place Flagey in Brussels. We created an augmented reality experience with at the center the mascot of the restaurant. The mascot lands with a parachute accompanied by a delicious rain of tacos. Check out the little guy landing smoothly in front of you. Offering you a coupon for a free drink if you share it in your story. Who doesn’t like the guy who offers a drink?

Style Chair

Do you want to know if this chair would fit your interior? If its colour and size are in harmony with your living room? Then try it in augmented reality with our filter! Place it where you want, enlarge it, shrink it and decide if it suits you or not. It’s never been so much fun and easy to decorate your home!



We created this filter with the famous Tiger by Kenzo sweatshirt as a marker! This means that you have to film it with your smartphone to trigger the animation. You can then make it roar by opening your mouth or change its colour by blinking. An entertaining way for Kenzo to encourage drive-to-shop and promote his brand awareness.

Purple Flame

Express the purple demon in you! Light the purple flame in your eyes using our filter and share your evil selfies with your Insta friends!

Lost Frequencies


During the Tomorrowland Electronic Music Festival, we created a filter for the Belgian famous DJ Lost Frequencies on Facebook, available on the festival site only. The filter represents Lost Frequencies’ logo haloed with Tomorrowland’s colors. It was made with the aim of branding for Lost Frequencies and Tomorrowland, making a drive-to-event ad and increasing the DJ’s community engagement.


The renowned gastronomic restaurant Senzanome in Brussels has teamed up with us to design an original filter for its customer’s Facebook and Snapchat stories. You can see the starred chef Giovanni Bruno appear in a minestrone cappuccino, the dish he did in Culinaria, in the modern and exciting style of Latte Art. Here, we aimed to increase Senzanome’s and Giovanni Bruno’s community engagement, their reach and thus branding in a fun and pop way.👅🍽

Lost Frequencies

Truth Never Lies

For the release of his new single, « TRUTH NEVER LIES », Lost Frequencies has collaborated with us, to create a new AR filter, representing the cover of the single. The aim is to increase the DJ’s community engagement and to lead people to listen to the album.

Hipster Santa

Red hat, white beard, twinkle in his eye… HO HO HO, Hipster Santa is back! Don’t wait any longer and try our Santa filter right now to make the best Christmas story of your entourage! For the Christmas holidays we created this fun and cool 3D filter for Instagram and its community. This filter was intended to celebrate our partnership with Instagram itself.

Jean Trooper

“I am your father” : welcome to the JDi-Agency special universe around StarWars world ! Created one year before this filter, JDi-Agency found a unique and offbeat way to celebrate its anniversary throught a filter with the appearance of its avatar Jean Trooper. The purpose was to promote its brand through stories and to interact with its community. Available in the vicinity of the agency, it will soon also be visible throughout the capital. Ready to join the Digital Side? 

Support Belgium

Go Belgium !!! 🇧🇪 If you are an unconditional fan of Eden Hazard or Romelu Lukaku, or if you just want to support the Red Devils, the Belgian football team: don’t wait any longer and try our super filter right now before the team scores another goal !

This filter was made in the context of the football worldcup in 2018 for Belgian football fans, with the aim of branding, reaching out to them as well as promoting this special event.

Ondas Do Belgica

Let’s celebrate Belgium ! 🇧🇪 It’s our moment to shine ! ✨ The filter’s aim was to troll by imitating the classical carnaval hat by using the belgian colors to decorate it. This had a purpose of entertaining and engaging with the Belgian football fans.

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